There are many reasons why you might want to use a cleaning service: Tampa home owners come to us all the time with jobs they don’t want to do or simply when they don’t have time. Most of them are far from lazy but have their own lives to lead, some have jobs or their own businesses where cleaning cuts into their work. Others have children at home and find it hard to find time for house cleaning. Tampa Maid services free you up to do what your good at while our maids who are all fully trained expert cleaners complete your house cleaning for you.


When it comes to House cleaning Tampa residents often tell us that the bathroom is the room they dread and we can clean individual rooms such as your bathroom or your entire house. We regularly get requests to deep clean bathrooms: if you clean your bathroom regularly but grime builds up over time this is an ideal cleaning service. Tampa bathrooms are left shining and looking like new once our maids have been around them and we have the right eco-friendly cleaning products to remove the most ingrained soap scum, tough stains on grouting and all traces of mold.

To achieve this our maids have a much wider range of products at their disposal than most home owners even have room for and each of our maids is trained in how to clean different surfaces for the best results including tiles, porcelain, enamel, chrome and glass.


When our maids come to your kitchen they will leave no stone unturned to eradicate dirt and aren’t afraid to get stuck in when completing your cleaning service. Tampa Maid Service can again clean your kitchen regularly such as every week, fortnight or month, or we can come in to do those jobs you really don’t fancy or don’t have time for: things like cleaning your oven of baked on dirt and cleaning your fridge to leave it smelling fresh.

As with all areas of home cleaning Tampa Maid service do more than just leave things clean though: we leave surfaces shining like new. Again because we have different cleaning products for different surfaces, sometimes more than one product for the same surface, we leave surfaces clean and also shining; even dull scratched surfaces can be restored be they stone, wood, Formica, tiles or anything else.

Living Areas

The kitchen and bathroom may seem the hardest jobs for home cleaning, Tampa Maid Service though know that living areas can actually be more dirty and more of a health hazard. While you probably wipe down surfaces and floors in kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms may only get an occasional dust and vacuum.

Our maids are all equipped with a heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner to get up not just the dirt on the surface but from deep in your carpet. Dusting and wiping surfaces and also around and behind items with dusters that pick up and collect dust, rather than simply move it, are also important parts of our cleaning service Tampa property owners can rely on.

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