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Outsourcing Cleaning and Janitorial Locally

If you do your cleaning internally, either with a dedicated member of staff or using your other staff you are almost certainly wasting resources when you could outsource your cleaning functions as well as other janitorial and maintenance work to a maid service or similar.

If you are having cleaning done by your other staff you are going to be taking up time when they could be focusing on their core jobs that are what create value for your business, so don’t just think of the cost of the wages of those staff, who may well be paid more than the hourly rate for a maid service anyway, it is also costing you the value of the work they would produce.

If you have a dedicated cleaner you are also probably wasting money though, it may seem on the face of it that the hourly rate you pay a cleaner is less than you would pay a maid service but there are extra costs. For a start how about the extra payroll costs, you may be paying for various benefits that you give to all employees even if they work a few hours each week including holiday pay and sick pay.

Also with a maid service you don’t have to pay extra for supplies such as cloths, dusters, cleaning products and even things like a vacuum cleaner. These savings should easily cover the cost of what you pay to a maid service over what you would pay your own cleaner and they can afford to charge you this amount because a maid service benefits from economies of scale; they buy supplies in bulk for example and because they employ a large number of cleaners can easily cover holidays and illness.

Many maid and cleaning services also offer other janitorial services when you need them including maintenance services. An ongoing contract means you may pay a small monthly retainer and then pay only when you need a service or you may not even need to pay a retainer if the service is offered by the maid service you are using for your cleaning as well. You simply pay a predetermined rate when you need these services making it far cheaper than having someone contracted for a few hours per week which you may not need them for or may have to pay them an overtime rate when you need them for extra hours, or simply be unable to use them if they have other commitments though you could have an emergency.

It may seem to larger businesses that for them their own cleaning staff is going to make sense but even with a large business the amount of cleaning needed will vary and by using a cleaning service for cleaning you can request the amount of cleaners for the amount of hours needed each week. In some cases larger businesses choose to have one full time member of janitorial staff to be on call every day during business hours but then use other cleaners as and when needed.

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